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What is a by-law?

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Where does Council receive their authority to pass by-laws?

How are by-laws enforced?

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What is a By-law?

By-laws are a type of legislation passed by Municipal Council that regulate, control and provide for the administration of the Township.

Where does Council receive their authority to pass a by-law?

Council's authority to pass a by-law on a certain issue is derived from the province of Ontario through statute. Before a municipality can pass a by-law touching on a certain issue, the province must first establish via statute that the issue is within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

How are by-laws enforced?

The Council of the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley appoints a By-law Enforcement Officer with the authority to enforce all by-laws passed by the Township.

The By-law Enforcement Officer responds to complaints lodged by residents of the Township and investigates any incidents in order to determine if there is a violation taking place. If a violation is noted, the Enforcement Officer follows the procedure established in relation to that particular by-law in order to rectify the situation.

The Township has a set of procedures that staff must follow when enforcing municipal by-laws.  To learn more about these procedures, or learn which departments address which infractions, open the by-law below.

By-law 08-76: By-law Enforcement Procedures

Lodging a Complaint

See a violation? Want to lodge a complaint? The Township needs your help to properly enforce our by-laws. All complaints must be made in writing with your name and contact information. Your identity will not be released unless the matter proceeds to a court of law.  Complaints can be made to or mailed/dropped off to our Main Administration Office.

Illegal Dumping & Littering

The Township has passed a by-law to prohibit the throwing, placing or depositing of refuse or debris on municipal property. The by-law does not apply to refuse deposited on private property. Click here to examine the Township's set-fine by-law regarding illegal dumping.

Animal Control

Need to contact the Animal Control Officer? Have questions regarding kennels? Need a dog tag? Click here to consult the animal control page.

Safe Properties By-law

Safe Properties By-laws are designed to provide protection to the public with regard to health and safety issues. Safe Properties By-laws are authorized by the Planning Act and the Building Code. The individual by-law establishes the standards that must be adhered to in order to comply with the by-law.

The Safe Properties By-law establishes the standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the municipality. These standards are designed to prohibit the occupancy of buildings that do not conform to the established standards.

Click here to learn more.

Contact Us

For all issues relating to by-law enforcement, please contact the By-law Support at

Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley
6544 New Dublin Rd
RR 2 Addison ON    K0E 1A0
Phone: 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175 (within the 613 area code)
Fax: 613-345-7235

Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley, 6544 New Dublin Rd, RR 2  Addison, ON, K0E 1A0
Tel. 613-345-7480 or 1-800-492-3175, Fax. 613-345-7235, Email:
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

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