Recycling Changes

The Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley needs your support to ensure years of recycling efforts continue to benefit the Township and avoid additional waste management costs.

At the end of May, waste operators in Ontario, including our contractor, Fast Eddie’s Auto Recycling, received a letter from Waste Management Inc. notifying them that recycling industries world-wide were experiencing high levels of contamination.  In 2017, China began to limit the quantity and types of materials it accepts for recycling and in 2018, added specific contamination limits set at 0.5%, banned 24 types of materials that were previously considered recyclable and added strict quality standards (visit for more information).

In response, recycling companies across Ontario have made changes to the specific types of recyclables they will accept.  Not only must glass, plastic and can recyclables be emptied and rinsed prior to being placed into recycling, specific types that are not efficiently processed, must be removed or the entire load of recyclables may be rejected, treated as household waste and the Township may be charged an additional penalty of $200 per tonne.

To assist the Township and all property owners and residents avoid these extra costs, all recyclables including glass, cans and plastic need to cleaned and sorted at home If recyclables are not clean when they arrive at the waste site or when curbside pickup occurs in the north end, they must be refused or sorted at the site or refused at curbside to avoid contaminating whole recycling bins.  The Township may initially divert the refused recycling to the household waste stream, but this is bad for the environment, will defeat several years of recycling efforts, increase waste tipping fee costs and reduce recycling revenues and reduce provincial recycling incentives to the Township.  We will continue to work with the industry to identify recycling alternatives.

Please join us in adapting to these challenges by ensuring your recycling loads are clean, sorted and by following the recycling do’s and don’ts.  To assist with the transition, the Township will be updating signs at our waste site to identify what is accepted in the recycling stream and what is not.

Additionally, please view below an updated recycling guide as well as an infographic with further information on recycling contamination, both of which may also be found on our Waste Site & North End Garbage Pick-up page. For larger versions, please click here for the recycling guide and here for the infographic.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for helping recycle and keeping our waste management costs low.

Charles McDonald
Director of Public Works, 613-345-7480 ext. 36

Thursday, November 1, 2018

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