Waste Site & North End Garbage Pick-up

Welcome to the Township's Waste Site & North End Garbage Pick-up page, intended to provide all the information residents may need for the Waste Site, recycling, hazardous waste and more.

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Waste Disposal Site

The Waste Disposal Site is open to all residents of Elizabethtown-Kitley. Residents who wish to bring their waste to the site must purchase tipping tickets - tickets are not available at the Waste Site itself. 


8468 County Road #7 (Greenbush Road)

Phone: 613-924-9934

Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Statutory Holidays

The Waste Disposal Site is closed for all Statutory Holidays. When closed for a holiday, the Waste Site reopens on its next regularly scheduled day


To view the schedule of fees, please click here. This includes fees for bag tags, construction loads, shingles, and upholstered furniture/mattresses/box springs. Please note also that tires, white goods (CFC's removed), brush and leaves are all accepted for free, with the exception of white goods (with CFC's not removed) no longer accepted at the Waste Site. 

Residential Tipping Ticket Purchase Locations

Residential Tipping Tickets may be purchased at the following locations throughout the Township: 

  • Dixie & Egan: 8050 County Road 29
  • Jack's: 4506 Ferguson Drive, Township Business Park
  • Mr. Gas: 3065 County Road 29
  • New Dublin Township Office: 6544 New Dublin Road
  • Toledo Township Office: 424 County Road 29

Proof of Residency

Residents visiting the Waste Disposal Site should be prepared to provide a valid drivers license and/or tax bill as proof of residency in the Township. 


Recycling at the Waste Site is free for all Township residents. Recycling materials, like household waste, must be brought to the site during regular Waste Site hours. Recycle container

What is recyclable? 

  • Paper products
  • Plastic containers with #'s 1-7
  • Tin & aluminum
  • Glass - coloured & clear
  • Steel
  • Scrap metal

What do I do with these items?

  • Remove all plastic from envelopes, tissue boxes, etc. 
  • Flatten and bundle corrugated cardboard
  • Clean all glass, plastics & cans
  • Leave scrap metal as is 

What is not recyclable? 

  • Milk & juice containers
  • Large cardboard tubes
  • Waxed cardboard
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic bags
  • All numbers other than 1-7
  • Motor oil containers
  • Paint cans

Banned Items

  • Electronics, wood pallets and hazardous waste. For household hazardous waste disposal, please see the bottom of this page. 

North End Garbage Pick-up

For residents in the northern portion of the Township (former Kitley Township), garbage tags are available for purchase at the locations noted below:

  • New Dublin Township Office: 6544 New Dublin Road
  • Toledo Township Office: 424 County Road 29Clipart of garbage can
  • Dixie & Egan: 8050 County Road 29
  • Kitley Grocery, Toledo 
  • Jerry's Service Centre, Jasper
  • Toledo Post Office, Toledo 

The tags are sold 10 stickers per sheet, at a cost of $10.00 per sheet. A $92.27 (2017) per year waste collection levy will be applied to the tax account of houses receiving garbage pick-up. This levy represents the actual cost for waste and recycling pick-up (collection). The cost for tipping (disposal) is recovered through the sale of tags. 

Waste pick-up is weekly and blue box pick-up is on a weekly alternating schedule - one week it is fibers (cardboard and paper) and the next it is mixed (cans, glass and plastic). 

Residents on the east side of County Road 29 have pick-up on Mondays, while residents on the west side of County Road 29 have pick-up on Fridays. To view the 2018 pick-up schedule, please click here. 

Why do I have to purchase disposal stickers?

The cost of disposal stickers for the Waste Site is no longer covered in the fee that is applied to your tax bill (for residents in the northern portion of the Township). By eliminating that portion of the fee, the pick-up system has become more equitable - residents are able to purchase as many or as few stickers as they will use. This reduces the number of households left with a surplus of stickers at the end of the year. 

The cost of disposal stickers is similar to that for the Waste Site on County Road 7. Roadside pick-up stickers are $10.00 for 10 stickers, while Waste Site stickers (to take to the Waste Site yourself) are $12 for 10 bags. Roadside pick-up residences simply pay an additional fee per year to have their waste picked up at their homes. 

What items are included with blue box pick-up?

Blue box pick-up includes the following materials: 


  • PapeClipart of recycle boxr: newspaper, envelopes, magazines, catalogues & fine paper
  • Cardboard: corrugated & other box board, milk & juice containers, egg cartons


  • Glass: clear & coloured glass
  • Cans: food & drink cans
  • Plastic: dairy & cleaning product containers, plastic cups, plates & containers

What items are not accepted?

  • Dishes
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Paint cans
  • Oil containers
  • Pizza boxes
  • Dirty or wet paper and cardboard

Can I still use the Waste Disposal Site even though I have roadside pick-up?

Of course! The Waste Disposal Site is open to all residents of the Township!Clipart of recycle sign

Recycling Depot

A recycling depot is held at the Municipal Office in Toledo, 424 County Road 29, on the second Saturday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Only metal objects are collected at the recycling depot

Household Hazardous Waste Days 2018

Look for dates and locations of the Counties' Household Hazardous Waste Days in June.

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