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20. St. John the Evangelist Church (Anglican)

By the 1890's, Anglican parishioners in the New Dublin area recognized the need for a new church, as their congregation had simply outgrown the current frame structure built in 1830. The cornerstone for this stone church was laid in 1893, with the official opening ceremonies occurring the next year. The church was built overtop of the existing foundation of the previous church. Many different parts of this church (windows, pulpit, and baptismal fount) were donated by persons in the community. This church is still operating today - it holds services at 10:00 every third Sunday, alternating with churches in Lyn and Addison.

. This small church, like St. John the Baptist Anglican in Lyn, is built in the Gothic Revival style. Of particular note is the intricate stenciling on the sanctuary walls, which dates from the church's redecoration in 1919.

The church will soon no longer used for services on a regular basis.  A declining membership has forced  the dwindling Anglican congregation to move to St. John the Baptist Anglican church in Lyn beginning in January, 2005.

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